Does BetOnline actually payout?


I have registered an account with in January 2015. I have deposited 7,200 in online casino winnings over the month and around 18,500 over the year. I have never bet large amounts in one bet, but in most months it has been 2-4 bets of just over £5. I have deposited in several other wallets including PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin and Trustly (the other wallet service) at the same time and I have used my credit card. Now they have discontinued support of the deposit and withdraw options for Skrill, after about 5 years of good service (before they stripped our account of all winnings).

I have exchanged large amounts of value to BetOnline, usually between £10 and £20. I’ve had experiences of losing cash, betonline review payout winning and failing to withdraw funds over the years, but I’ve never seen the website offer or accept the money owed to me.

So I’ve written to them asking to be paid for my winnings at present value. I asked the following, and have been sent the following response from customer services:

Thanks for reaching out to us. This is just a heads up, due to a recent change in our email processing, it may take longer to respond to your requests. Our priority at this time is to provide as many responses as possible, so we hope you can understand this.

Overall we are very satisfied with our customer service but with the changes in our new email system our customer service team will not be receiving your email. We will reply to you in the coming days when the processing is completed.

I have replied to say I am not expecting a reply now but I am really surprised it has not come through by now. I think it is a data processing issue.

I just wish to cancel my account. Is this a real response or just gibberish from a back office boiler?

If you are interested, in future I will stick to the exchanges that do offer a quick way to withdraw the cash. Perhaps an ewallet I can link up to There are many out there that I could use.

You used your credit card. Any time I ask for withdrawals with a credit card, it is important to mention that.

Stick to crypto wallets like, or for withdrawals. There are many ways to get cash. The title of the conversation is:

“How to cashout a bankroll at | BetOnline” referred to my first email to them as *an email* that I wanted to send them a claim for funds won that they have not paid to me.

No it was a real answer. I assumed you would have expected it.

My advice would be to say that you do not want them to touch your account and it is a foregone conclusion that they are not going to pay it. Make this abundantly clear in your correspondence, or they could spend an betonline review payout extremely long time explaining something and you will just at the side of the road. You can always create a new account and withdraw cash from a bank after you get the money.

I’ve been using the customer services of BetOnline for about a year now and they’ve done a remarkable job. They actually take their time to resolve issues and the usual response time has been within 2 hours of submitting the issue.

BetOnline though have another major issue. It’s their deposit and withdrawal methods. Deposit methods are Skrill, BetSofa, and some other payment method. Unlike other casinos they don’t support direct bank transfers and that is hugely frustrating when you have a large bankroll and need to use all of it to place a bet.


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