Games Types You Can Play in the Lottery Business

It would be an understatement if you think that the lottery sector has not evolved with the passage of time. Up until the end of the 20th century, the lottery games were basic and mainly typical, sticking to the traditions. However, with the passage of time, the lottery games have evolved as well. This is the reason why there are more than a single kind of lottery games available for you to play and take advantage. Over time, the industry has developed so much that you can even play US Powerball online in South Africa or UK 49 from any part of the world. 

However, the lottery industry has not only evolved in terms of technology and accessibility, but it has also evolved in terms of game types. Therefore, I will be laying out some of the major lottery game types for your knowledge. This way, you will know what kind of lottery games are available in the lottery industry, so you can choose the game type you wish to go with.

Lottery Draw Games

This is the most traditional lottery game type that you can play almost everywhere in the world. The draw games are considered to be the most common and typical in the lottery industry. Majority of the lottery games around the world tend to offer lottery draw games but they also offer other game types as well. In the lottery draw games, the common tradition is that you have to choose a minimum of 5 primary numbers as well as a bonus number. In some cases, the primary numbers can be 6 or 7 and the bonus numbers can be more than one. Once the ticket has been purchased, you have to wait for the particular draw to take place, for which you have purchased the ticket.

As the draw takes place, the operators draw the numbers and then you have to match the numbers from your ticket with the drawn ones. Based on the prize structure of game, you can win a prize even if you match a single primary or a bonus ball number. Among all the lottery game types, the lottery draw games tend to offer the highest prizes. Some of the major examples of these games include the US Powerball, EuroMillions, The Health Lottery, SuperEnaLotto, and many more. As far as the price of the tickets is concerned, on average, the lottery draw tickets cost less than the rest of the gaming types I am going to discuss below.

Instant Scratch-Card Games

Although this game type is newer as compared to the lottery draw game type, yet it is the highest grossing lottery gaming category. It has been observed that most of the times, the lottery operators tend to offer dozens of instant scratch-card games compared to the lottery draw games. This is the reason why, the instant scratch-card games tend to generate higher sales than the draw games. However, the scratch-card games are so many that their prize money is much less than the draw games.

The tickets for the instant-scratch card games cost the highest as compared to all other lottery games. While a few scratch-card games would cost a dollar, majority of the scratch-card games normally cost a minimum $5. 

The scratch-card games are known for offering prizes up to $5,000,000 or $10,000,000 to the winners. In case of scratchers, you do not have to wait for the draw, but scratch the card right away purchasing it to know the outcome.

Monitor Games

This is currently the least popular and rare game type offered by the lottery games. In this particular category, the draws take place instantly. In this game, you purchase a ticket that comes out with random numbers as well as the winning numbers. This way, you do not even have to scratch the ticket in order to find out if you have won a prize money or not. The tickets for the monitor games come at a mediocre price and these games are yet to gain prominence.

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