Is It Possible to Beat the House in Live Casino Games?

When it comes to beating the casino, many might imagine that luck becomes more of a factor. However, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of winning at live casino games (table games like baccarat and blackjack), even against an experienced dealer.

To beat the house in live casino games, you will need to minimize the house edge. This is where some knowledge of your game can play a critical part in maximizing your chances for success.

But before we begin to discuss the dynamics of live dealer games and how it makes them different from their online counterparts, we need to first identify what it is that we mean by “house edge.”

What is a House Edge?

It refers to the extra amount that the players lose when he plays against the dealer. This could be compared to another term known as “the vigorish,” which has the same meaning in the game of blackjack while it is also commonly called “vig.” The difference lies in that “vig” can also be used for the commission in sports betting, while the house edge is typically associated with games of chance.

With live dealer games, the variation in house edge tends to be more obvious – but this may not necessarily mean that it can differentiate a good and bad casino. For example, even if you find the lowest possible house edges at a, say, live casino singapore-based site, you would still find the same house edge in live dealer games. However, there are certain factors that you can research to determine whether or not a casino game is good.

For instance, the number of players at the table and the size of bets placed by other players. Of course, if it is possible to beat the house in live dealer games, you would also need to figure out where the potential profits come from.

Which Live Dealer Games Are Beatable?

A good example of live dealer games at, say, WB7, that are more likely to be beatable is blackjack, where you can benefit from player errors and some other strategies that are designed not only for online but for live dealer games.

On the other hand, roulette is definitely dominated by the house since there are no opportunities for you to make money, even with dealer errors. It is also important to remember that in live dealer games, the possibilities of error are more likely than with online ones. Hence it becomes harder to beat the game when you factor in this aspect as well.

In a way, all of the games that you can play at brick-and-mortar and online casinos like WB7, are beatable – even if it is small as being one out of five hundred players. But with live dealer games, since you have fewer hands to detect mistakes and errors from the dealer, only the bigger edge games are likely to beat the house.

With this, you can also get more value from your bets when playing blackjack online than with live dealer games since there is no limitation in terms of space and the number of player-dealer interactions that can result in errors. But if you want to play live dealer games at your favourite live casino singapore-based site for fun rather than profit, then you should not worry about beating the house.


While live dealer games may give you a lot of excitement, it is important to recognize that you won’t be able to beat the casino and become rich just by playing these games – much like what happens with online ones. You need to do your research and figure out which games can offer better odds than others to maximize your chances of beating the house.


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