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Only after you manage to manage your own inner feelings will you have a chance to understand those of your opponents. Then you will be able to cope with the psychological games of experienced players and you will be able to take advantage of the weaknesses of inexperienced players.

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Understand the Human Psychology

In addition to books on slot online poker, it is good to read books that also present general notions about human psychology. These are the kind of cards that can influence your behavior in all sorts of situations and not just in poker. Ideally, you should look at books from all sorts of different cultures, such as books on Buddhism, books written by Sun Tzu, or works by famous German psychologists. This way you will be able to have a broader vision than before, and this will be of real use to you in the future.

Read the Mind of Your Opposition

In bonus joker388, it is not enough to control your feelings, but you must also understand the inner feelings of your opponents. This way you will be able to better anticipate what books they have and what strategies they adopt depending on different situations, but at the same time you will be able to fool them faster. You will be able to bluff more often and more effectively, and your opponents will be prone to make more mistakes.

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By understanding the psychology of the poker game in detail, you will be able to get much better results than most casual players.

Pretend You Are a Beginner Player

Once you have mastered the rules of the poker game, you learn to control your feelings and read your opponent, it means that you become experienced enough to go through the “beginner” stage. At that point you can start using a bit of reverse psychology. You still don’t need to learn advanced strategies. A decent poker player knows how to “fool” his opponent into believing that he is still a beginner. This is one of my favorite tricks and it works even in front of experienced opponents.

Do you remember that any beginner learns for the first time that he should not play weak hands, not bluff hand in hand and other things like that? You can forget about all this and start adopting some psychological games. Professional poker players are always unpredictable and try to convince their opponents that they are going to do one thing, when in fact they are doing something else. For example, you could play in hands where the stakes are lower to play a predictable and easy to anticipate game, so that the opponent thinks that you are easy to read and that you do not have much experience. When a lot of chips are put into play, it’s time to get out of the usual pattern and make a surprising decision to fool your opponent.


If you read some tutorials for beginners you will learn a clear set of rules. But if you look at a game of poker between professional players you will see that these rules are constantly violated. This is because after a certain level, psychological games become more important than the cards that the players have in their hands. 

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