10 Proven Ways to Avoid Big Losses While Playing at Online Casino Games

Losing is bad enough but losing big makes it even worse. It’s not just the money that hurts but also the feeling of loss and regret that’s attached to that person. That’s why we should take all necessary steps to make sure our losses stay minimal while playing an online casino game.

Taking Mr. Ong’s advice, the CEO of WS88, a legal online casino site, here’s how you can effectively minimize potential losses.

Find a Reputable Online Casino

The first step you should do before starting to play at any casino game is finding a reputable online casino. Do not just fall for the flashy looking ads plastered all over the internet or social media. Make sure it’s a legitimate business and also one that has been in the business for a long time.

This will ensure you are dealing with experienced professionals who know what they’re doing. It also means you will be able to get help if something happens or doesn’t go as planned. The fact that this gaming site, say, sg online casino, is reputable and legitimate also makes sure that your information and money is safe when you play at the casino.

Set a Budget

“Before you even begin to log in, you should set a budget. Make sure that your game money doesn’t exceed this amount because it will hurt you not only financially but also emotionally since you might get upset if you start losing continuously and make risky moves trying to recover your lost money,” says Mr. Ong.

Set a strict limit on your game money and when you reach it, stop playing immediately, even if that means walking away from the computer screen or severing any connection to the internet immediately. You should never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose.

Don’t Play Online Casino Games When Tired or Distracted

You should play online casino games only when you’re fresh and alert. Never take a nap before playing or be distracted by anything else while playing. You must also not play during your lunch break at work because it will affect your judgment.

Establish a Routine Before Playing

Before playing, you should establish a routine to get into a habit of doing things that are beneficial to you and your game. Some people will play better when they have something to consume while playing, and others prefer to just play with the sound on (music or a TV series).

Establishing a routine means you also won’t try to slip into playing for long periods during work as it might get you in trouble with your superiors.

Set a Time Limit for Your Game Session

When playing at, say, sg online casino games, make sure to play with a time limit on your game session. For example, play for three hours and then stop whether it is mid-game or when you’ve run out of money, no matter how much you were winning. It’s a bad idea to try and recover when you’re tired of losing.

Stop When You Feel Tempted to Risk More Money

Some people, when they sense that they might be losing, will increase their bets as much as possible in a desperate attempt to win back all the money they lost earlier. This is a very bad idea and can get you in a lot of trouble.

Keep calm, don’t get upset if you’re losing or try to recover from earlier losses by playing more recklessly. Just stop when the feeling rises and just walk away from the computer screen.

Wait Before You Start Playing Again After a Loss

Even if you’ve set an amount or a time limit for playing, you might still be tempted to play again immediately after you’ve lost. Resist the temptation and give yourself some waiting time before starting to play again or until your temper cools down completely.

This will make sure you don’t make any rash decisions, such as increased bets that will lead to more losses.

Only Play at Online Casino Games that You Know

Some people will play online casino games just because they see their friends doing it and think they know exactly what to do, but this isn’t the case. Just like in any other game, each game has its own rules, so you should only play online casino games that you’re familiar with and that you know how to play.

Mr. Ong also reminds you to never try playing casino games meant for people of higher levels if you’re a beginner or intermediate player because it will lead to frustration and disappointment.

Make Sure You Know the Rules Before Playing at Online Casino Games

Even if you’re an experienced player, it’s important to know the rules of a game before playing. This is because some games will have variations in their rules depending on where they are played and who’s playing them.

If you’re not familiar with the pay table and how points are calculated, then it’s better not to play that particular casino game than risk losing money.

Set Limits for Your Online Casino Games

You should indicate to yourself the max amount you want to make or lose each time you play online casino games so that when you’ve reached that particular point, you stop immediately and take a break. This will help avoid big losses while playing online casino games.


As with any form of entertainment that involves shelling out money, playing at online casinos requires responsibility and knowing when to stop. While it can be addicting to play on something that will potentially earn you profit, it’s best to keep everything in control and minimal, especially the losing part.

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